1. Me in The Next Year

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    Where am I?

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    I don’t care how unpopular this opinion is

    But Born Sinner does not get enough credit as a modern Hip Hop album.

    J cole as a producer and on the mic for the majority of the album makes for one of the most cohesive and vibe wise celebratory mainstream hip hop releases in recent memory.

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    Real shit.

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    Roll Up!

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    Hank Williams made his debut at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville on this day, June 11th, in 1949. That evening he performed an unheard of in Opry history of that time total of six encores. The song he played for the crowd going wild during those encores? It was “Lovesick Blues”.

    Hank would play the Opry many times over the next three until they fired July 1952 over his heavy drinking and his behavior that went with it.

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    "Wish upon a falling star"

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